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  • Developer: Wube Software LTD
  • Genre: Simulation, Strategy
  • Version: 1.1.0
User Rating: Rating 4.32

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Release Date
14 Aug, 2020
Wube Software LTD
Wube Software LTD
Simulation, Strategy
Windows PC


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Unleash Your Management Potential in Factorio Game and Create Your Own Factory Empire

Carter Martin

Factorio is a video game in which the player builds and maintains factories. Software is set on an alien planet, and the player must gather resources to build and maintain their factory. Product is split into two parts: construction phase, in which the player builds their factory, management phase, in which player must keep their factory running smoothly. Program download Factorio for free is played in real-time, player can pause the game at any time to issue orders.


Software is played top-down, factories are represented by icons. Visual style is reminiscent of early 1990s strategy games. Graphics in Factorio game free are colorful and pleasing to the eye. Product uses a top-down perspective, allowing user to see a large map area. Program uses a lot of icons and symbols to represent different objects and actions. This can be helpful for new userrs to understand what they need to do. Factories, machines are well-rendered, landscape is varied. Program runs smoothly, there are no major issues with the graphics.


Player must gather resources to build their factory, then manage their factory to keep it running smoothly. Software for free Factorio downloaded is played in real-time, user can pause game at time to issue orders. Person starts with a small amount of resources and must gather more to build factories. User must defend against aliens that become increasingly aggressive as the game progresses. Program play Factorio is challenging but possible to beat.


Multiplayer mode is similar to the single-player mode but with more players. Players can cooperate or compete with each other. Multiplayer mode in Factorio for PC game is more challenging than the singleplayer mode, but it is still possible to beat the game. Supports multiplayer, but it is not required. Person can play the game alone or with friends. If the user chooses to play with friends, they can work together to build their factory or compete against each other.


Players can replay the game with different factories or try to beat their previous best score. Construction and management gameplay is very addictive, user will likely return to the game repeatedly. Software Factorio for Xbox One is replayable because there are many different ways to play it. Player can choose to play the game in singleplayer or multiplayer mode. Product can be played on different difficulty levels. User can choose to play the game differently each time. There are many different factories that person can build and there are always new technologies to research. Multiplayer in Factorio play online provides endless hours of entertainment.


  • How does one win?
    There is no set goal or victory condition. Persons are free to continue playing as long as they like.
  • What kind of factories can players build?
    There is no limit to the types of factories persons can build. However, most factories will produce one or more of the game's five main resources: coal, iron, copper, stone, oil.
  • What do players use resources?
    Players use resources to build and maintain their factories. Additionally, users can use resources to research new technologies, which allow them to build more advanced factories.
  • How can persons get more resources in Factorio for Win?
    Players can mine for resources, purchase from traders, or receive resources from other players.
  • What else can players do?
    In addition to building and maintaining factories, users can explore the world, fight enemies, and build structures such as roads and railways.


Overall, Factorio mobile game is a challenging and rewarding game that is easy to lose hours to. Player must mine resources, build factories, defend against attacks from hostile aliens. Product has simple but effective graphics, is moddable. Multiplayer is a missed opportunity and adds little to the game. Program has high replayability value.


  • Great graphics and sound
  • Fun and addicting gameplay
  • Lots of different things to do and build


  • Can be a bit overwhelming at first
  • Some people may find it too complicated

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